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Word of Life Ministires is afiliated to Kenneth Hagin Ministries and as such we are the official representors of Rhema Bible Training Centre in Brazil and in other countries of the world - counting now more than 100 campuses over our oversight.

47Rhema Bible Training Centre was originally launched in 1974 by Kenneth E. Hagin as a result of a mandate from God to “go teach My people faith.” There are now nearly 200 campuses in 50 different nations worldwide.

RBTC is a Bible based curriculum and an excellent vehicle for those seeking to know God better, who want to learn to divide the Word of God right and be in a spirit filled atmosphere of like-minded students who are serious about God and want to grow up spiritually.

The teachers are seasoned ministers who do not just know God’s word but are in ministry and have a living personal relationship with God, bringing a wealth of experience and insight to each class. As a result, no class is the same, making each class fresh and interesting.

In the United Kingdom, we are currently planning a new Bible Training Centre which will cover multiple languages and yet carry the same quality and instructors that made RHEMA Brazil one of the biggest bible schools in the world . More details will be released soon.

Bible School - Word of Life London

Our Bible School in London is launching in September 2019 and we have had a couple of inspiring taster classes to share God's Word and help bring answers to some common questions that many people ask, such as: Is the Holy Spirit really a person? What is His function in our lives?

Let's check in the Bible for the answer to these questions and then we will know the right answers!

We look forward to welcoming you to Bible Training..

Grace and Peace to you.

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